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Founded in 1939 as the Georgia County Prison Wardens’ Association, the GPWA is a not-for-profit association designed to improve the administration of the prison system, protect the public, orient the public to the difficulties faced when rehabilitating offenders, and deter crime through proper treatment of offenders.
Made up of state, county, and private prison wardens, superintendents, and monitors, GPWA members encourage and support the education of employees and their families through a scholarship program. All GDC employees, Board members, contractors, private prison employees, and county prison employees, along with their dependent family members, are eligible for the scholarship. Wardens and Superintendents distribute the scholarship applications each January. The Board of Corrections has also been kind enough to fund an additional scholarship each year through their personal donations.

2016 - 35 scholarships awarded worth $52,500
2017 - 36 scholarships awarded worth $54,000
2018 - 33 scholarships awarded worth $49,500
2019 - 31 scholarships awarded worth $46,500
2021 - 31 scholarships awarded worth $46,500
2022 - 31 scholarships awarded worth $46,500
2023 - 31 scholarships awarded worth $46,500

Over the years, hundreds of scholarships have been awarded to our hard-working teammates and their family members. These scholarships are made possible through donations to the GPWA, the purchase of advertising on the website, membership dues, vendor exhibit fees, and fundraising events. This year’s fundraisers include:

Fall 2023 Golf Tournament in Reidsville
Spring 2024 Sporting Clay Shoot in Forsyth

The GPWA hosts a summer training conference each year, usually during the first week of June, which facilitates networking and the sharing of ideas among Board Members, Executive Leadership, Wardens, Superintendents, vendors, and other professionals in the field of corrections. Retiring leaders are recognized and the winners of the annual college scholarships are announced at the Conference.

GPWA 85th Annual Conference
June 9-12, 2024
Lanier Islands Legacy Lodge
7000 Lanier Islands Pkwy
Buford, Georgia

Meet our Leadership

Walter Berry


Baldwin State Prison

Calvin Oliphant

1st Vice President

Jefferson County Prison

Allen Dills

2nd Vice President

Lee Arrendale State Prison

Larry Clifton

3rd Vice President

Coweta County Prison

Jennifer Clark


Wheeler Correctional Facility

Johnny Weaver


Jackson County Prison

Otis Wilson


Carroll County Prison

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